Gateway on V2 AND V3

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yesterday TTN announced that gateways on V# can and will route traffic form sensors on V2 and V3. Wow. So I started to test migrating 1 gateway from V2 tot V3.

The gateway with the EUI is still in V2
I added that gateway with the same EUI in V3
I changed the URL in the gateway to

Now I see traffic on the gateway in the V3 console BUT ALSO on the same gateway with same EUI in the V2 console. Strange or not?

Or is this because TTN announced yesterday traffic from V2 sensors is router on V3 gateways? And therefore traffic on the same EUI that comes in on V3 is also shown in the console of that gateway in V2?

Hopefully this question is not asked earlier in this forum :wink: I could not find it…


No, but it was answered in the announcement …

This is intended. If you name the gateway eui-xxxxxxxxxxx in TTS CE (formerly called V3) all traffic for V2 addresses and only traffic for V2 addresses and the gateway status messages will be forwarded to the V2 gateway and the applications. If you use another name the traffic will still be forwarded to the applications, however the V2 gateway will not show any information.

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thanx a lot. And explaining. I saw only my V2 applications devices on the V2 gateway console.

As TTN announced yesterday, I could migrate all my gateways to V3 and don’t lose any traffic/messages from V2 or V3 applications/devices.

That correct or not?


You can migrate all your gateways to V3 except TTIG and traffic will be delivered to both V3 and V2 applications. So except for TTIG feel free to migrate your gateways.

If you make sure to use the same gateway-id (including eui- where applicable) in V3 that is being used in V2 the V2 gateway console will show all data and the status will be updated as well (keep in mind the V2 console might still suffer the status issues it has been experiencing for months). Because the status in V2 is updated the gateway is seen as active by TTNmapper.If you use a different name the data will still be forwarded to V2 applications but the V2 gateway is not updated.

When migrating do not delete the V2 gateway if you want to keep your TTNmapper data. And make sure to keep the Gateway ID (not the name) identical!

TTIG migration will be available in a few weeks.

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