Gateway without Internet

Trying to explain my needs as simple as possible.

I need one gateway with screen to set few times (2-4) and to show car battery status of hosts.

There is one to maybe 10 Arduino based hosts I need to set the schedule and update rtc time and read the battery status if it needs to be replaced with fresh one.

Possibility of no Internet is quite big at usage situation, so what are the possibilities for this? Any ideas? I have thinking of ESP32, RPi + ESP32, RPi + Arduino Uno with Lora Shield…

Arduino Unos run now the needed job separately but I’d like to get em on sync and see the battery statuses on screen.

Hopefully I was clear enough what I need :slight_smile:

That’s not a TTN project (you can’t participate in TTN without realtime Internet backhaul) so it’s not really on topic here.

Unless your range actually warrants LoRa it is mostly likely not really what you want. If it does some sort of private stand alone setup might work, but again, not on topic here.