Generic node

(Omar abdelmalek) #1

Is good things
Can you shared us the GitHub of this project?



(Mikael Falkvidd) #3

I can’t find anything on Github, but there is a site where we can sign up to join the early access program:

(Jezd) #4

Just smiling to myself, looks like it is overreaching on some promises (but you never know) - clicked on the forum link and it brings you back to here :slight_smile:

(Allen) #9

Any word on pricing? I’m trying to understand what appears to be a weather-proof enclosure around a light sensor, touch sensor, and temperature sensor. Those don’t seem all too useful unless you have some very small users that can fit inside that enclosure :smiley:



(Mikael Falkvidd) #13

25 USD in medium volume.

Light: The prototype shown on The Things Conference has a semi-transparent front that would let light through. (see my photo below)
Touch: Touch works through plastic. I have built a device that uses a touch sensor behind 1mm plastic. Many modern smart phones with touch support are weatherproof.
Temperature: Plastic does not block heat, so sensing temperature is no problem.


wow :open_mouth:

(Allen) #15

Wow indeed! That clears up all the question I had, thanks for that photo and the insight!

(The Hobo) #16

Double wow. Some of the developer boards test twice that. This is a dream come through for some and a nightmare for others, cause it will kill a lot of products in their cribs. If it performs as advertised and costs 25$ this thing is going to be raking cash :slight_smile:

(Inanc) #17

Any planning regarding this ?

(Jezd) #18

Called competition, the high pricing of some devices is purely profiteering from a lack of competition and what is needed is a major shake up like this.

(The Hobo) #19

In an ideal world that would be the case. Make better cheaper devices, sell more raise profits. I am all for this. They should be so cheap that are almost disposable. Like headphones or batteries, use them for a year than replace them, or upgrade. The problem is that a lot of the applications will require industrial grade sensor, which will make the node expensive. But having such a cheap node as a base would help a lot. I wonder if there is any modularity planned for the near future. This would be awesome.


generic node at 40:00
  • for every sensor build in there is a free program.
  • you can upload these programs wireless, you can edit them
  • you can write your own… and SHARE solutions / code

wow… this will give a lot of new possibilities imho … can’t wait :sunglasses:

(Mark Stanley) #25

It’s all gone a bit quiet here - any update on progress?

(Jeff Uk) #26

Again this is called out for future RS supply chain…will it be like the TTN/TTI Outdoor GW with other preferred(?) vendors getting 1st dibs/early access as recently happened with ConnectedThings?