Get noise level from IC880a


Is it possible to read the noise level (RSSI while nothing received) from an IC880a?

This would be a nice value to check if there are any external interferers (higher noise level) or a perhaps a defect preamp-IC (lower noise level).

(Cslorabox) #2

That’s actually a very interesting question. I suggest you change the title to be generic to any SX1301 based non-FPGA solution.

The fact that uses the add-on SX127x in a V2 FPGA concentrator suggests that there may really not be a way to do this with the SX1301, even as a diagnostic while not trying to operate as a concentrator.

SX1301 data sheet has very little information about capabilities - it lists an RSSI register but doesn’t really say if there’s a way to get a reading there other than via the packet receive engine. Most of the actual published information seems to be in the Semtech interface library source itself.