Getting data from LoRa - TTN network

Hello !
Please tell me how can I get sensor’s data from my registered TTN Devices.
I want to do that using Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 or Microsoft Visual C 2015.
Can you point me to some examples please (I have no experience in this matter…)
Thank You !

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You will need to write an application to receive the data over the Internet.


Can someone give me a sample written in Visual Basic or Visual C ?
I want to know how can I begin…
Thank You !

I would start with using an SDK in a supported language such as python or java

Learn how to use them and then create a port to your target language with the additional SDK features.

Refer to SDK’s for use of API and connection management to MQTT

Reference for API end-points

Did you mean Visual C++ or Visual C#?

There are MQTT examples available for C#

You need to do some reading first, look at the integrations in the apps on the console.