Getting Started with TheThingsNode


I have a couple of newbie questions.

I recently purchased a “The Thing Network Node and Gateway” and I have just created a simple AWS ec2 application to capture the Temperature in a compost container that is located in our backyard a few 100 feet from the house.

The App seems to be running fine, but the Node does use a quite a bit of power.

I have lots of questions on how to best harden this application but wanted to start with a couple questions on power as I have no experience in this space.

First: What raw number for Battery level should be used to indicate low-battery? (I understand that this number is a representation of voltage, but I still don’t know what indicates low for this device.) I’m using TheThingsNode Basic Example Sketch with a few simple adaptations I increasing the interval event to 5 minutes.

Second: Can I reliably connect a 5v USB Portable Charger to power the Node?

Third: Any additional suggestions on limiting power usage? Note: I have just upgraded to the current v2.0.7 version of the Node library. I did this just prior to posting so I have yet to observe the results of this upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

The below is a screenshot of my first TTN App. I’m looking forward to learning more and developing other Apps for TTN!