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Great news, I received my generic node. I put 2 batteries on it, and see the led blinked and a buzzer rings. I would connect on my ttn application, but I don’t have the devEUI, JoinEUI and Key. Where can we find it?

Other point, I don’t see any join request on my gateway traffic.

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I got mine as well. There is a QR code on the back that has this information.

I am not sure how we are supposed to register these devices.

Please don’t double post - answer on the other thread.

I am sorry you feel that way. I think I was adding good information for the user and letting them know that I would not be able to help and further. The topic has been unanswered for 11 days.

Trying to help someone should not be discouraged.

Is this not what you posted on another thread?

I am sorry @descartes, this is a quote from this thread.

I think my original post on this thread was on topic.

As the community is entirely voluntary based, we ask people to not post the same question in more than on place - it splits the effort or effort gets duplicated or responses become fragmented if something is being answered in several places.

So now I’m responding here and trying to answer on the other thread as well - case in point.