Hacker on Multitech gateway

Can a Hacker enter to the school network through a Lora Gateway?, because we are going to install a Multitech Lora Gateway in our school and this gateway is going to be visible for everyone.

Any security recommendation?

Not through LoRaWAN packets. The gateway will just receive RF data and wrap it in an IP packet to forward it to the network server. On the network side there is a webserver and ssh, make sure those are not accessible from outside your network. Or even better, shield it within the network as well.


What does this mean to you?

Because if it’s on TTN, it must be “visible” to everyone - ie it should accept all LoRaWAN packets and send them on to the Network Server.

As for the gateway interface itself, as Jac says, that’s down to how you setup your networks at the school - do you not have IT support staff? At the least, ensuring the interfaces have a strong password would suffice.

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