Helec LoRa 32 (V1)LoRaWAN Node

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Hello, I’m starting to study IOT and I’m having a lot of difficulties on my first project, can anyone help me? I’ve been working on it for days. I do not know if the problem is in the gateway or in my source code.

#####a very valid information ######
“Data” appears every 60 seconds on my arduino serial monitor (reported below), but no packet information appears on my gateway !!Much less in TTN

The goal is to communicate LoRa 32(v1) node of LoRaWAN Heltec in The Things network

#I’m following this tutorial

#My Arduino IDE version 1.8.8

#My Board HELTEC ESP32 LORA(v1)+ Transceiver SX1276

#My gateway is configured like this:

GW_ID “CC50E30C8513”
GW_NTP_SERVER “br.pool.ntp.org
GW_ROUTER “router.us.thethings.network” <- ( I am from Brazil )
GW_PORT “1700”
GW_FREQ 915000000
GW_BW “BW250”
GW_LAT “-25.410966”
GW_LON “-49.223382”
GW_ALT 935
GW_PWD 878787

#data from my arduino serial monitor

3883824: Running job 0x3ffbfce0, cb 0x400d0d9c, deadline 3883824
3883828: engineUpdate, opmode=0x908
3883832: Uplink data pending
3883851: Airtime available at 3883831 (channel duty limit)
3884177: Ready for uplink
3884363: TXMODE, freq=904100000, len=26, SF=7, BW=125, CR=4/5, IH=0
Packet queued
3888230: irq: dio: 0x0 flags: 0x8
3888237: Scheduled job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d1b2c ASAP
3888242: Running job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d1b2c, deadline 0
3888351: Scheduled job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d1854 at 3950627
3950627: Running job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d1854, deadline 3950627
3950753: RXMODE_SINGLE, freq=923900000, SF=7, BW=500, CR=4/5, IH=0
3950841: irq: dio: 0x1 flags: 0x80
3950858: Scheduled job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d2fd0 ASAP
3951154: Running job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d2fd0, deadline 0
3951479: Scheduled job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d18a4 at 4013487
4013487: Running job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d18a4, deadline 4013487
4013613: RXMODE_SINGLE, freq=923300000, SF=9, BW=125, CR=4/5, IH=0
4014913: irq: dio: 0x1 flags: 0x80
4014920: Scheduled job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d2ffc ASAP
4014924: Running job 0x3ffbfd50, cb 0x400d2ffc, deadline 0
4015039: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)
4015353: Scheduled job 0x3ffbfce0, cb 0x400d0d9c at 7765353
4015684: engineUpdate, opmode=0x900

source code http://ge.tt/3lWAVOu2

##Excerpt from my source code

Serial.println(F(“EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)”));
if (LMIC.txrxFlags & TXRX_ACK)
Serial.println(F(“Received ack”));
if (LMIC.dataLen) {
Serial.println(F(“Received “));
Serial.println(F(” bytes of payload”));
// Schedule next transmissionos_setTimedCallback(&sendjob, os_getTime()+sec2osticks(TX_INTERVAL), do_send);
// data received in ping slot

##Excerpt from my source code

elif defined(CFG_us915) // defined in libraries
// NA-US channels 0-71 are configured automatically
// but only one group of 8 should (a subband) should be active
// TTN recommends the second sub band, 1 in a zero based count.
// https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/gateway-conf/blob/master/US-global_conf.json

I’m grateful


please format your post
we don’t like big chunks of copy/pasted code.
after you’ve cleaned up I will move your post to the right topic

(Ud Lo Ra) #3

Do you have a single channel gateway? If so, you will receive just a fraction of the packets, so be patient.

(Marcos Chiodi) #4

Sorry I did not know!! I hope it is now acceptable.
Thank you very much


No it isn’t.

I don’t understand your question, you have to supply more information and start reading a bit on this forum.
If you have problems connecting your build node you must tell us what type of gateway you use and explain what your problems are and what you tried yourself.
Also show some screenshots from the console, from the node and your gateway.

(Marcos Chiodi) #6


I want to make my board ESP32 Lora (v1) communicate with the TTN.
But I can not even communicate with my gateway! Can you help communicate with the gateway first?


show TTN console screenshot from your connected gateway … not arduino IDE, and what gateway do you use ? I think some single channel dragino

(Marcos Chiodi) #8

I did not register my portal in ttn, I’ll do it now. But even without registering the gateway, the package would have to appear on it, right?
Yes, gateway single channel


ok… when it’s connected and you have searched this forum first (‘dragino’ ) start again :sunglasses: