Help needed for payload decoding (LMIC)

After hours of trying I must kindly ask for some help with payload decoding. Within an Arduino sketch a value of 1111 is defined:

int value = 1111;
message[0] = highByte(value);
message[1] = lowByte(value);

I send it, using the LMIC library, from the line:

LMIC_setTxData2(1, message, sizeof(message), 0);

This results in the TTN console to the next physical payload:

40 B8 1D 01 26 80 00 00 01 9A A8 74 89 01 CD

When I change the value to 1234 the payload becomes:

40 B8 1D 01 26 80 00 00 01 9A 2D 2B 5A 78 49

So far so good but after many tries I did not succeed decoding the payload to the value 1111 or 1234. Can somebody help me with the right code to use with the TTN Payload decoder?

Are you looking at the gateway console or at the application console?

The Physical Payload was copied from the Gateway Traffic page. From the Application Overview page I choose Payload Formats. There I tried to decode the payload. Am I wrong…?

Check in the application data tab. On the gateway you will see encrypted payload.

Thanks for your kind support! My Application Data screen stays empty… Yes, I’m a newbie…


I think my problem is solved. First I tried (as UdLoRa said) to decode the encrypted payload from the Gatway Traffic page which was wrong. Second I had to reset the frame counters on the device page, therafter I see payloads showing up in Application Data :wink:

Until you have a stable setting, you may disable the frame counter; then for security is better to have it enabled, but when you restart the node, if the internal counter is not saved, it will start again from zero.

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