Help setting up Microchip LoRa Eval Kit and TTN

(Ralf) #1

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to get a Gateway and Node up and running. I read through many other articles before posting. I hope there's somebody here who can help. I try to report as specific as possible.

I'm using the Microchip LoRa Eval Kit, European version.

I've followed this tutorial to set up the Gateway. While the steps required to set up the app on TTN Dashboard are slightly outdated, it seems to have worked. The Microchip Dev Utility show the Gateway as online.

1. I did not register a Gateway via the TTN Dashboard. Is this correct?
2. What would be the advantage of registering my Gateway?
3. As far as I understand, registering my Gateway with the gateway connector would require to run custom firmware on the Microchip board. Is this correct? (Any links how to get the gateway connector up and running would be perfect!)
4. When selecting packet forwarder, I have to configure the Gateway EUI. Where do I find it?

Observation: The Microchip Gateway seems to frequently lose time / date info. I've configured it to get time / date via NTP. Is anybody else observing this?

I've also set up the MOTE node according to the tutorial. As far as I can tell, according to the log, everything went fine during configuration:

17:31:08.466 > mac set devaddr 26******
17:31:08.475 > ok
17:31:08.475 > mac set appskey 91*****************************
17:31:08.490 > ok
17:31:08.490 > mac set nwkskey 88*****************************
17:31:08.505 > ok
17:31:08.505 > mac save
17:31:09.654 > ok
17:31:14.720 > mac join abp
17:31:14.726 > ok
17:31:14.747 > accepted

The MOTE's display shows

CDC Mode
USB Handler

For the status of the device, TTN Dashboard shows: never seen.

In essence, I've done everything according to the tutorials. I'm stuck registering the Gateway. The node doesn't seem to be connected.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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(Ralf) #2

I finally figured it out myself. :wink: Gateway registered and working. Uplink messages work fine. Downlink fail with TTN console stating "No gateways available". Stay tuned.

(Ralf) #3

I've set up a Microchip Gateway, registered it with the TTN console and it shows as "connected". Transmitting data from a Microchip Mote works fine. However, when trying to send data through the downlink, TTN console keeps failing with "No gateways available for downlink".

What am I possibly doing wrong? Is there additional configuration required for the downlink to work?

(Arjan) #4

Without any details of how often you're trying to do such downlink: all gateways that can do the downlink have exceeded their duty cycle. My wild guess is that you're trying a downlink very often, or trying a downlink immediately after OTAA.

(Ralf) #5

First: Thanks for your response. Well, what is the allowed duty cycle? Obviously, I try frequently because it consistently fails. Will those failed attempts count, too? In other words: If it fails and I keep retrying, will I make the problem even bigger?

(Ralf) #6

I've got two identically configured Microchip Motes (RN2483). Same frequencies. Same channels. Same duty cycles. One ABP, one OTAA. The ABP Mote works just fine, upstream and downstream. The OTAA not at all. Mote's dev tool repoets no_free_channel when trying to join which is strange, given that the ABP one continues to work fine. Any idea as to what I might look into?

(Etronica) #7

Hi ralf, and what was your problem how could you solve it?

(Etronica) #8

got it …I have to transfer data from mote to server…


wow that’s fast :wink:

(Eron93br) #10

Hello @ralf!!! I’m trying to setup the Microchip LoRa Evaluation kit as a TTN gateway as well. Differentely, I’m not getting sucess!

Did you follow all the steps from the tutotrial? Is necessary any further step to configure?

Same as you, my gateway appears to be online, on the microchip GUI, but when I register it on the TTN console page, it does not appears with the online status.