How can I get a relay to send the data over a montain flank

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Good day.
Actually, I have two nodes on a orchard and a gateway at 1km from the first node.
Later, I am going to move the node where there is a montain flank and some new nodes will be installed in the other side of the montain flank. It’s not a big obstacle as a … monatin… It’s like if we have to communicate over a small hill.

The main gateway will be in a side and the node 3 and 4 can not send their data to the gateway. So my idea is to have a relay to get the data from the nodes 3 and 4 and send it to the gateway.

Is there a way to work around this ot should I have two gateway, one on each sides?

My goal is to have the chipest solution and one GSM card.

With LoRaWAn can we build a node-relay or can we build a gateway-relay, or shoud I build a second gateway with a second SIM card?
How would work around this issue?

Many thank for your support


relaying LoRaWAN messages is not possible.

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So, it’s simple, the only way is to add second gateway to cover the “two” areas?


or place a gateway + antenna on top of that hill :wink: