How often is the description on the TTN gateway map updated?

Hi All,

Does anyone know how the information on the map on the main TTN page get updated?
I want to have the band plan information that we use embedded in the information that is displayed on the little balloons that pop up when you click on a gateway location. I have change the text in my gateway description, model, etc but nothing appears to change on the front page.

I feel that this feature is very relevant in Australia where multiple band plans are in use. It makes it easy to se at a glance what gateways might be compatible with your node for a particular area.



The web page is not updated immediately following a change in the console. Not sure about the delay, but normally its updated within a few hours.

Now that additional spectrum has been approved from use in Europe (some of the 915MHz band from memory) then your point about including the gateway channels on the web page will also be relevant in Europe.

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Yes. Sorry, forgot about that post. The 2 should probably be linked.
Anyway, it appears for now that a simple change to the gateway description field to add the band plan details will work.

It appears that the description field is updated within a few hours but the make, model and antenna fields are not updated as regularly, if at all.

For the community pages, Hylke wrote on Slack:

@ ElectronicallyE [Jan 29th at 2:31 AM]

Why is there a delay between my gateway saying it is online in TTN console and appearing as such in the community map? It can take upwards of 10 minutes.

@htdvisser [Jan 29th at 10:38 AM]

The community platform and the console are different systems. Gateway information needs to be synchronized between these systems, and is heavily cached by the website.