How to Connect TTN Gateway to Private back-end (please Help)

(Felipe Robles) #1

Hi everyone,

I am kind of new to IoT and I am currently trying to connect a TTN gateway I have to a private Network Server, but I feel a bit lost, I have followed the following guide: []. I think this are the Steps to seting up the private server am I right?

After this I want to connect the gateway to the server but I can’t find information on how to do this.

So could you help me pointing out a guide to connect the gateway to the server?

(Mtails) #2


take a look at this. Specially on the Gateway section. Basically what you need to do is to register your LoRa gateway using the ttnctl console instead of the public WebGUI portal. Same for your applications and devices.



(Feliperobles) #3

Thank you for the response @mtails , do you think it would be a problem if I already registered the gateway through the WebGUI? And also how can I have a proper way to test the connection is done.
Thank you in advance for the help.