How to contact a gateway owner? - GW 0000024B080E0D5C

(Pieter Bogema) #1

How can i get in touch with in this case gateway owner of the 0000024B080E0D5C
Looks like the location is way off.

On console you can fill in details, but how can someone get in touch with the owner?
Or is this not implemented yet?


Go to the TTN main page, scroll down to the map with gateways and zoom in on the location of the gateway. Once you click on the gateway it will show a contact option.

To find the location of the gateway as registered with TTN you can use the . It lists the coordinates. (Also lists the user which can be appended to to find the user, the user page also contains a contact option)

(Pieter Bogema) #3

Thank you @kersing
I have send the owner a message.