How to find local help?

What are methods to get in contact with local experts? Slack has some regional channels, but activity seems low. Starting points, forums, etc?
I.e. is there some way to get in contact with users showing on the mapper map?

Hi and welcome. I would recommend 1st port of call is join your local/nearest TTN Community if there is one and reach out to the guys and girls there. I assume you are based in The Netherlands so plenty of choice there and some very competent experts/users. Failing that post outline of your interest/need here - possibly using topic of your local community name and ask if anyone available to work with you and help. Note there are a number of consulting guys and other tech savvy folks on the forum who will be more remote but may be willing to assist either as part of their wider community efforts or in exchange for beer/pizza tokens as part of their day jobs :wink:


It’s a new internet age - how do you define local?

And what is it that not-local can’t do for you - do you need some physical presence?