How to get DevEUI for Arduino Uno?

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Hi all,

I am following this guide to create my first TTN Node based on the Arduino Uno.

I have come to the stage where I should create an application and setup my device. I am however unsure on how to obtain my DevEUI. I tried using the in built example, but Serial1 is invalid for the Arduino Uno, and only available on the MEGA.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated!

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Would this help?


Hi Hashim

Try using the example for the Arduino Uno/Nano:

At startup it will print the Device EUI on the normal Serial, which is connected to your computer.

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Thanks, got my DevEUI from this :slight_smile: One question about this code though, I am following steps from your document:

When I try using ABP, I keep getting the error code:

“expected primary expression before addr”

I commented out parts of your code appropriately (I think?) so it looks like this:

ABP: initABP(String addr, String AppSKey, String NwkSKey);

join_result = myLora.initABP(“9795A671”, “0C23D43078ED1854588BD01612835474”, “E3187F1C65FDD39A42DDFFBE716C0725”);

Do you know what I am doing wrong? Thank you!


The first line starting with ABP: is a comment line describing how the line after it should be used. Do not remove the // in front of it.

//ABP: initABP(String addr, String AppSKey, String NwkSKey);
join_result = myLora.initABP("9795A671", "0C23D43078ED1854588BD01612835474", "E3187F1C65FDD39A42DDFFBE716C0725");

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Sorry for the delay in response, I have only just seen your message.

Doh! Can’t believe I was doing that wrong all this time, thanks for the help :slight_smile: