How to migrate devices?

If I understand it correctly all TTN registered devices have to move to V3 now. Well, is there an easy way to do this ? I managed to register an application, but than I failed by trying to find the Brand Dragino. Manually registration ended in a lot of questions about Versions and other things I don’t understand.
Can someone please tell me in easy words how to move the Dragino Temperaturelogger LHT65 to the now format ? That would be nice…

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There is no imperative to move right now - the transition from V2 to V3 will happen gradually through the year, devices can move early, whilst Gateways are perhaps best left till later to avoid cutting of local community devices still on V2. For new devices, assuming your target integration exisits, then deploying straight to V3 is probably a good idea to avoid future migration, though the packet broker will ease data transmission to V3 applications via V2 gateways in the interim (ok unless your app or use case requires access to the V2 gatewa metadata).

To register the LHT65 in V3 simply set up and create your V3 application then add the device, following the available documentation and guides (frankly you will probably be able to follow your nose on the config in console in most cases. If device isnt called out as a device in the repository, use manual registration settings, enter the DEV EUI, APP EUI, AND APPKey as provided by Dragino, select LoRaWAN rev 1.0.2, freqency plan and regional parameters appropiriate to your location, set OTTA as join method (recommended vs ABP), along with your other individual application and device identification/naming data etc. and it should be straight forward. Post back if you encounter problems and I’m sure forumites will step in to advise/assist. :slight_smile:

What is the PHY setting ? As no data appeared with A I choose B, but currently no data appears on TTS. ? Do I have to delete the Logger on the old TTN after migration, or can both operate at the same time in both versions of the network and how do I integrate Cayenne or other Collaborators, as I don’t know their numbers ?

Cayenne Integration is not yet available for TTN V3 (:frowning: ) This is a myDevices/Cayenne issue vs TTN - please lobby over at the Cayenne site :wink: (Am waiting for it myself and can find no commitment/timescales yet and the more people ask the sooner it will hopefully arrive! :slight_smile:

Vendors should be able to advise correct settings for the LoRaWAN Phy if you ask them - have a had to guess a couple of times with devices myself, fortunately working in my case but sounds like your not so lucky, though I suspect this would not stop it functioning in way you are seeing.

Suggest dont delete from old V2 as may need to fall back to that - try changing the V2 AppKey in a minor way (one or two characters will make it fail to authenticate - make note of changes) and then load device in V3 (simple reset or power cycle should start process and might help it pick up there and start to work, maybe that it is still being picked up in V2 - if using V2 GW’s the additional latency through PacketBroker to your V3 application may increase chance of V2 pick up before V3 can respond…

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