How to setup RN2483 for LoRaWAN certification

At RF Performance and LoRaWAN certification, the duty cycle restriction is giving problems. When the duty cycle is set to 0 for all channels it looks ok. As soon as the server selects other channel settings, the duty cycle is affected without knowing it on the sensor. When the sensor transmits a package and the return is No_Free_Channel, it has to wait until the channel is free again. This takes too long for the certification test and it fails. Anyone experienced this?

If I understand correctly, you are saying that in a test situation which is basically never going to happen in the real world where the network moves the node to an entirely different set of uplink frequencies, the node is failing to realize that it can now reset its channel utilization statistics and transmit again.

I don’t have a solution for you, but it sounds like the trap of a spec that’s not really designed to prioritize the way things will typically actually be used, and then a test written naively to the letter of the spec. The other effort I’m aware of to get something through the actual LoRaWAN compliance has tripped over many such things in odd paths that will never occur in practice.

I suspect you may need to talk to Microchip. If you module was previously certified, with which firmware? And against which version of the LoRaWAN spec?