How to use Join Server

I started the join server independently with the command ttn-lw-stack start js and then got the following output:

  INFO Setting up Join Server                  
  INFO Setting up Device Template Converter    
  INFO Setting up QR Code Generator            
  INFO Starting...                             
  WARN No cluster key configured, generated a random one key=<<some random key hidden>>
  INFO Listening for connections                address=:1884 namespace=grpc protocol=gRPC
  INFO Listening for connections                address=:8884 namespace=grpc protocol=gRPC/tls
  INFO Listening for connections                address=:1885 namespace=web protocol=Web
  INFO Listening for connections                address=:8885 namespace=web protocol=Web/tls
  INFO Listening for connections                address=:8886 namespace=interop protocol=Interop/tls

So the JS seems to have started just fine, but I am unable to bind my NS and AS to it. I am trying to use different AS and NS that support external join servers like the one provided by TTN Stack. I was trying to bind with JS at port 8886, but not sure if that’s the right one, and also what else I am missing before I can make a successful bind.

Thanks in advance!

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