How TTN lora works in latman terms(WIP doc)?


I’m so sorry but I’vr been using lora but still not sure how it exactly works, I hope people correct me but from what I understand this is how a packet you send ends up in your server.

So when I do .send('some data;) the liblary listens and waits for a send window (I think this is some networking algorithm ), then transmits, in case of two transmissions at the same time? I guess the sender waits for an ACK, and retransmits if not?

So then a receiver node picks it up and conveerts it into a mqtt packet, rest is history. But not sure how if two stations pick it up and converts it, does TTN main server listen to duplicates?

I’m lucky to live in the home of TTN Amsterdam but even inside the canal belt I couldn’t get signal (towards westerpark). What can we do to guarantee packets are received without chewing up public bandwidth?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to the Forum nice to hear from you.

No. In LoRaWAN the node(sensor) sends when it wants.

No. the sender only waits for an ack when it has send and “acknowledged” message. Normally (99%) unacknowledged messages are sent which behave as “fire and forget” similar to UPD-packets.

Yes, gateways that form the infrastructure of the network, receive the paket and send it to the network server.

yes, when the network receives the same packet over multiple gateway it “deduplicates” it and end it to the application.

Unfortionately TTN-city is the worst covered city in the world. It lacks a dense gateway infrastructure. Why? I do not know but there is no TTN-community in Amsterdam that takes the initiative to bulild the community network.

Simple: install additional gateways. The more the better. Building and installing gateways is a satisfying and rewarding activity. I hope you like it.

At TTN-Apeldoorn we operate multiple gateways that deliver redendant coverage. You may come over to us to meet us next meetup.

Cu, Remko


there you’ll find all the information and terminologie

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