Http integration does not provide gateway_id in metadata

(M2aimsas) #1


I have several gateways , devices & applications but none is returning “gtw_id” or other information (rssi, snr …) associated as decribed in the docmentation, I just get “time”


something to configure to get more ??


(Arjan) #2

Did it ever work for you?

Are you showing us the payload that TTN gives you, or did you already convert the JSON text to some object in your programming language, and showing that result (as JSON)? If you already did some processing: are you sure your processing supports arrays? (The gateways part in the metadata is an array.) What does using something like or give you?

(M2aimsas) #3


I’m copying from to test and I have the same result with my own application (Thingworx service in javascript)

I put two http integrations for this test

(M2aimsas) #4

any update ?
I have still no information about gateways which could help to position them regarding devices location

(Arjan) #5

I don’t feel like you answered my earlier questions. We need details, details and then: details.

(M2aimsas) #6

sorry I tested with as an alternate as it seems that is no more exsiting and it did not work

I tested again with and I have the data


So I understand that I have an issue decoding the JSON such as has also.
I’ll further investigate.