HTTP Integration help

Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me with HTTP Integrations? I’ve watched the video by Johann here ( but the problem I’ve got is that I don’t really understand HTTP requests like PUSH, PUT and GET. The documentation on HTTP integrations ( is quite short.

I’m trying to find a way to send my things network data somewhere where I can retrieve it at a later time. I have a raspberry pi and a NAS on my network. Could I use HTTP integration to send my data to either of these? If so, is the process documented anywhere?

If anyone could point me towards some beginner-accessible reading, or offer a few hints, I’d be very grateful. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Basically you are giving TTN a web address for it to send a packet of information, a web address that could be on a web server on the public internet or, if you can setup your router, could be on your Pi or, depending on the NAS’s facilities, maybe the NAS.

So, I have a PHP script setup on a server that would respond if I surfed to it in my browser, but if it gets sent info from TTN, saves it in a database - or you can start with just saving in a text file.

Do you have access to a web server with PHP, if so I can give you a code snippet for the text file option.

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