HTTP integration to custom endpoint

(Nicovdk) #1


I am trying to let the http integration work to a custom endpoint. The TTN http integration needs to call an url in a specific format like this: http://myserveradress:port/?id=value1&lat=value2&Ion=value3.
The url needs to be called when a lora message is sent to TTN and value1, value2 and value3 would come from the decoded message. If I read: correctly this should be possible but unfortunately the documentation on that page is a bit limited with no real examples to follow.

It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction on how to get the values from the TTN backend to this url format.

(Ud Lo Ra) #2

I do not think the documentation is telling that you can do it the way you want. HTTP integration sends a JSON message to the endpoint, not data on an URL.
If your really need to send data on the URL, you could write a forwarder to be placed on some server that decodes JSON and sends the needed fields to your endpoint via URL.

(Arjan) #3

@UdLoRa is right, this is not possible. But here is a nice read about cheap AWS Lambda usage to convert the HTTP request:

(Sduetsch) #4

I am a new user and was very happy yesterday when I got my data at my endpoint via http integration. However, at once this stopped, and I did not get any data forwarded anymore without any change made to the integration definition.
There is no request shown on my server.
Does anyone have an idea wher I could start looking for an error?

(Sduetsch) #5

My problem is partially solved. The two servers which I send the data to, had different problems. One of them uses a certificate which is obviously not accepted by TTN (it is issued by Letsencrypt) and the other server is not happy with the data. However, this is probably the problem of the server (openSensesMap) not the one of TTN.
On the first server the data arrive correctly when I use http.