I just start LoRa network

(Ehsan) #1

Hello. I am noob in the IoT network. Recently in our group we decided to setup our iot network. After several researches we heve run the lora gateway with iC880a. For now we want to setup our private gateway bridge, network server and the application server. Can anybody guide me please how we can do that. Thanks alot.

Experience with setting up a private backend?


welcome! Just wondering, why would you exactly like to do this? Although there may be good reasons for sure I noticed that often new initiatives try to set up something private, probably caused by ideas about how wifi and/or vpn's work. LoRaWAN works differently; the security is between node and receiving application and is not achieved by closing your network for others.

Besides the time you spend on this is time you can't spend on nice applications using your network and you make roaming for yourself more difficult. Are you sure the private backend is the best next step for you?

(Ehsan) #3

Thanks for your comprehensive response. In fact we intended to fork the network server and application server in order to develop it such that the Things Network Zurich did. The privacy of the network is not important at all but the main purpose is to run the network without the help of cloud-based services. So I wondering if you guide me please how to setup the network and application server.

(Gk9) #4

Check this: https://docs.loraserver.io/loraserver/
Orne Brocaar is the author of this project and it is really cool! And works!

(Hylke Visser) #5

If you want to set up TTN's backend on a private server, read https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/article/setting-up-a-private-routing-environment

If you do not plan on integrating with The Things Network, you might indeed want check out the loraserver project @gk9 mentioned in the previous comment.

Experience with setting up a private backend?
(Ehsan) #6

Thank you @gk9. It was really useful and currently I'm working on it.

(Ehsan) #7

Thank you for your response. I've decided to work with Brocaar server.

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...meaning you'll have to do everything yourself and have no fallback if your gateway or server is down, @ehsanmgh, even if there are TTN gateways in your neighbourhood...

(Gel) #9


Have anyone here using the TTN private backend without any connection to TTN? Is it worth doing?
I’v seen a post from someone in the core team that says LoraServer is a better choice if not wanting to intergrate with TTN: I just start LoRa network


(Hylke Visser) #10

First of all, don’t blindly trust posts that are ~1 year old. Secondly, I merely suggested to check it out and compare. I have made no comments on what is a better choice, as that completely depends on your situation and wishes.

There are quite some companies/organizations that run their own private, not-connected network server using our open source code. I personally recommend everyone to simply use the public community network unless they have a specific reason not to.