I need help understanding Gateways and which ones for me to use?

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Hello TTN Forum,

I'm digging more into Lorawan and gateways. It's come to my attention that there are two types of gateways I can build.

  • Multi channel
  • Single Channel

My plan was to create a Multi Channel Lorawan Gateway on a Raspberry Pi and connect this to the Things Network. From the Things Network I want to point the data my gateway collects to my private/own server for displaying data/dashboard.

I was going to use a Raspberry Pi because I have a few spare ones and thought it would be an interesting project to create. But now that this muliti/single channel type has come to my attention I'm now wondering if a Raspberry Pi can create a multi channel gateway at all? The hats or addon boards I've seen for sale I'm not sure handle multi channel. Here are the things I'm hoping this forum can clear up for me:

  1. Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a multi channel gateway?
  2. What hats or addon boards have people used to create a Pi multi channel gateway?
  3. Is it cheaper for me to just buy a gateway that's multi channel instead of building my own?

The reason I want multi channel is I do want to allow more than one sensor to send data to my server. I have no idea how big my lorawan network will get so I may as well look into planning for growth now using a multi channel gateway.

Any advice or direction you can provide me in my search for answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


did you search this site... or google ' RPi Gateways ' ? .. tons of info out there