Install private LoRaWAN network server on ARMv5 machine


Could it be possible to install the private LoRaWAN network server on an ARMv5 machine running Linux? I’ve been looking for information about it and I found the LoRaWAN stack project on github, but the oldest architecture it supports is ARMv6:

Hope you could help me.

Thanks in advance!


The minimum Arm version that we ship is indeed v6. You should be able to compile since Go supports v5, see GoArm · golang/go Wiki · GitHub.

See lorawan-stack/ at v3.11 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub.

Once you set up everything, frontend is built too etc, it’s basically GOARM=5 GOARCH=arm go build -o ttn-lw-stack ./cmd/ttn-lw-stack

Out of curiosity; what is the target device?


Hmmm, perhaps it will run on a Raspberry Pi Pico then :wink:

Hi Johan,

The target device is a Kerlink Wirnet Station gateway. My purpose is to install a private LoRaWAN stack on this device.

Thank you!

My guess is that 264kB ram will be insufficient.