Integration with Fiware

Hi, I have to integrate TTN with Fiware and I was wondering what is the best solution to do it.
Someone just tell me that maybe with a IoTAgent-LoRaWAN, others using a MQTT broker with an IoTAgent-JSON. In the case of MQTT broker plus an IoTAgent-JSON, the data should be publised like this to be readable :

$ mosquitto_pub -h $HOST_IOTAGENT_MQTT -u theUser -P thePassword -t /myapikey/mydevicemqtt/attrs -m ‘{ “t”: 19,7, “h”: 70}’

So, should I make my own JSON parser and republish the data to another format into the MQTT Broker?

Is there another approach to do this integration?

Thank you very much in advance.


I recommend you use the IoTAgent-LoRaWAN with Cayenne LPP payload as the data format, instead of your own parser.

Hi @jerylcook,

thank you very much for your advice.

So, you have some experience regarding the integration between TTN and Fiware platform and I guess you’re using the IoTAgent-Lorawan to achieve it. It could be wonderful if you can tell me how it’s going in terms of not losing data and performance.

Thank you in advance.