Internal gateway range for Dragino sensors


I have several Dragino LHT65 sensors but my area is not covered very much by gateways, so I plan to buy one. I’m looking for the best indoor walkway available (no more than 100 € if possible) to capture my sensors located 4/5 km away (without relief between the house and aiming at sensors, no houses near mine or large trees ).

Which model will you guide me towards? Thank you!

Despite having more European nationals than anyone else, this is an English language only forum - can you please edit your post.

PS, It will be all about having a well mounted external antenna so even with a RAK Pi0 based gateway, we’re over budget.

The only complient gateway under 100€ is “The Things Indoor Gateway” (Link)
A littlebit modified with a decent external antenna 4-5km with line of sight is possible.

But it lacks much of diagnostic information.
I would recommend a Mikrotik wAP Lora8 kit avaible for ~130€ (Link). It can be used with interal (build in but not connected) or external Antennas without the need to void warranty and has good mounting options.
Configuration requires some router and network knowledge but can be done and runs rocksolid afterwards.

Probably the quite new RAK7258 ~180€ (Link) is an option but i dont have personal experience with it yet.


Another usable gateway is the Dragino LPS8 for abt 100€. I recommend an outdoor antenna if possible, even if it is a small one. But give it a try with an indoor antenna - maybe it works.

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But only in a top floor window facing the sensors, due to the horizon line of sight limits.

Think $30 for a reasonable antenna.

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