Interpretation/Parsing of MAC commands


After you send an uplink message, the network may send a whole string of MAC commands in the downlink response. In case of KPN (the Netherlands), you may get more or less standard, for instance, LinkADRReq, RXParamSetupReq and multiple NewChannelReq commands, and it ranges to the more exotic ones (which I have never seen ocurring in real life) where the network may request certain data or actions from the device. The fact that you don’t know upfront if a certain MAC command will or will not be present in the downlink reponse stream, the fact that every MAC command has a different payload length, and the fact that future versions of the LoraWan spec may add MAC commands that your device does not recognise, makes the incoming data pretty cumbersome to decode and interpret.

So I was actually wondering if there is readily available a piece of software that interprets these incoming MAC commands in the downlink response to an uplink message, and organises them in some useful way for the main software routine to process?

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I would also like to know if there is anything like that available