Is it possible to set up HA (High Availability such as clustering) for a private TTN server?

(Hoon Park) #1

Is it possible to set up HA (High Availability such as clustering) for a private TTN server?
If possible, how can I do it?

If clustering is not possible, is it possible to set up a fail-over architecture for TTN?

Can I use something like OpenStack to set up HA for TTN?

(Hylke Visser) #2

Our open source components can be set up in a distributed way, allowing separate network partitions to keep functioning in case of disaster. HA and clustering is not included in the open source routing stack, but you won't need this for the average private routing server anyway.

(Hoon Park) #3

@htdvisser, I understand what you say.

I asked a question because there could be a case even a few second down time may not be allowed.

Even if TTN components are set up in a distributed way, I wonder how each component can be set up in dual for fail over. For example, if a "Router-1" fails and shuts down, the other router ("Router-1-backup") is activated and works exactly like the "Router-1", and gateways and other TTN components do not even know if the "Router-1" is down and the entire network works as if the "Router-1" is still up and running.

If the Discover Server fails and shuts down, the entire private TTN network will be shut down until the Discovery Server is up and running again. For this reason, if there is a way to set up a dual Discovery Server (one active, the other as an inactive backup), it will be extremely helpful for reliability of the network.

I wonder if I could achieve HA just by setting up an L4 switch in front of two Discovery Servers (DS) that have the same configuration, and make one DS active and the other one inactive, and configure the L4 switch to route the traffic to the inactive DS once the active (primary) DS is down.

I wonder if I could do the same setup for each TTN component in this way to achieve HA for each TTN component.

(Arjan) #4

...but then you're probably also assuming that your node's transmissions are always received by a gateway?

(Hoon Park) #5

Theoretically "Yes" for discussion purposes just to focus on the server side HA.

I think some TTN components such as Broker and Network Server can not have an L4 switch (load balancer) in front of them due to functions they provide.

All TTN components are using TLS communication. When I set up an inactive secondary component for fail-over, I believe I have to use the identical private/public key pairs and server certificate as the primary one. I wonder when I generate a server certificate if I have to use the IP address of the load balancer not the host IP address of the primary server.

(Hylke Visser) #6

Or you can add a SSL-terminating reverse proxy in front, and don't use TLS in your internal network