Is my installation of The Things Stack V3 a private or public network?

Hi all,
I have deployed The Things Stack V3 from by following this steps in docker. That works almost fine. But I have one query i.e Is this deployment on my computer is public or private network.?
Anybody can help me in this regards.

Thank you in advance.

Descriptively it is private, because you are not sharing it with anyone else - ie, unlike TTN someone can’t sign up to create an account, register devices, contribute gateway traffic, etc.

That depends on the purpose for making the distinction.

For example, in the LoRaWAN hardware-level packet pre-amble it’s not entirely clear if the reserved value is reserved for public LoRaWAN networks or simply for LoRaWAN (vs other forms of LoRa) usage.

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@cslorabox Thank you for the clarification.

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