Is there an option to get / purchase working gateways now?

(Ralf) #1

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if my question might sound stupid. I'm one of the early backers and just applied to start a community for my home town (600k people). I do see new gateways joining the network already.

However, the kickstarter gateways have not yet shipped.

My question: If I'd like to set up gateways now, how can I do this? Is there a detailed article anywhere you can point me to? Is there anybody who would sell working gateways, possibly homemade?

Thanks for any response!


You might want to spend just a little time browsing the TTN website and the forum. There are plenty of messages on the forum concerning DIY gateways and a couple of stories on the TTN LABS site on the subject.

If you want a ready build gateway there are expensive (Kerlink) and less expensive (MultiTech, Lorank8) options.
Make sure to use hardware for the correct frequency band for the gateway you buy/build.