Just to be proud about my first 'device under test'!

(Lollisoft) #1


today I got my two LoPy devices and I got it managed to test the first by a basic power on and also getting access to it over wlan. (One is running and the other on the left is still my FPGA - not in use for now and below is a simple blinky circuit - CMOS 4060 I)

Is there anywhere a howto to get started registering this device into the things network?

Do I need a specifc python script or is there an open source version for a 'gateway' and a 'node' in general as a starting point?

What I mean is it a pycom forum issue or rather an issue to ask here - and continue?

Thank you very much!


(Maurice Markvoort) #2

This might be an useful link.

It's from the pycom forum.

There is plenty of information that can be found on the pycom forum or on this forum/website.

(Lollisoft) #3

Thank you, I stumbled over his channel with week 4. I'll follow his explanations and try that on weekend.