Kerlink installation not possible (wiki possibly out-of-date)

Hi Guys, and hopefully the TTN team.

I have been trying to install TTN on two separate Kerlinks, which i will refer to as KA and KB. KA is running Kerlinks own “SPN” software, and KB runs ThingPark. I have found some stuff I would like to share, and get your feedback on.

I have followed but have discovered the following for both Kerlinks:

  • The installation will NOT start unless a file called usbkey.txt is located in the root of the drive. This is provided by Kerlink, and is unique pr. device (I only have the key for KA right now). This is backed by information on Kerlinks wiki.

  • SSH access AND serial access is not possible with root/root - hence really hard to debug. This is also backed by information on Kerlinks wiki.

  • The TTN wiki article on how to install, links to , but I can see that the GitHub repo has a few other versions, for example “dota_thethingsnetwork_SmartParcs_v1.4.tar.gz” - can this be used, or does it contain something special? I can see that the structure is somewhat different. (e.g. the knet directory

  • (With relation to the bullet above) v1.1 tries to write the local_config to /mnt/fsuser-1/demo_gps_loramote/, shouldn’t this be /mnt/fsuser-1/thethingsnetwork/ ? (As in SmartParcs_v1.4)

== Additional info ==

  • Even with the usbkey, TTN does not install correctly on KA (It doesn’t show up in the gateway API). I guess this makes sense if writes to the wrong location.
  • I have the a log-file with the entire boot sequence of KA (as written over serial)

I would really appreciate some input on this, and hear your experiences.

Also: I’m writing this here before creating a bug-report (or doing a git pull request), but please do let me know if I should.

Thanks Nicholas for sharing this information.

  1. As for the different Kerlinks, this is something new (for us) that there are different types of Kerlinks around. Even with their own wikis :neutral_face:. We have to request access for the wikis and look into this @johan.
  • You told me know even the debug probe doesn’t allow you to login. What does the wiki say about access?
  • The SmartParcs is specially made for SmartPacs. There is no documentation on this (sorry for that) but it contains all necessary adjustments and hacks to run a Kerlink succesfully (and out of the box for SmartParcs) on 3G connection.
  • My fault, will make a issue of it.

Please share the log-file of the entire boot sequence. :+1:

Next time, go ahead and make bug-report. I did this already this time.

Hi @fokko, thanks for looking into this! For updating the new wiki and the Kerlink page, please file a pull request for the rewrite branch.

I ordered two Kerlinks and actually got two separate versions: one that is factory calibrated and one that is not.

As far as I know there are 3 type of Kerlink IOT 868 MHz Stations: the 20 dBm with no calibration data, the 27 dBm with no calibration data and the 27 dBm with calibration data. Also there seem to be different versions of LORABOARD_HWVERSION around, pre-5, 5 and post-5.

Next, there are the 915 and 923 MHz versions. So yes, lots of versions of there :smile:

I managed to regain root access: [HowTo] Regain root access on Kerlink

I have a Kerlink IOT station 868 installed on the roof without physical access to it. Is there any possibility to install TTN packet forwarder over ssh?

Do you have SSH access to the device? If so, yes.

Yes I have ssh access, but not sure how to start installation.
There are two scripts and in dota_thethingsnetwork_SmartParcs_v1.5 folder.

There is no special need for the TTN packetforwarder as far as I can see. I operate two kerlinks running the Kerlink PF.

Same here, just changed config to point to ttn

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if anyone wants to experiment with Poly packet forwarder on the kerlink or with the new packet forwarder (will not work with TTN!!!), just let me know and I will get you the binary files.

Hi to all
I as well got a Kerlink with ThingPark installed. Now I like to recycle it as a TTN Gateway

@swiatecki Did you find a way to flash the TTN Firmware? Where can I get the usbkey.txt?

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The TTN wiki is still not up-to-date (28th May 2018)!
We were not able to provision a Kerlink LoRa Gateway using this wiki. So we felt back to the Kerlink wiki.
We described this proces and I can share this with you TTN to update your documentation. Please let me know if you are interested in this.

Kind Regards,


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tnx… I’ve just got the message that they are working on it !

Hi @GertjanvanhetHof our docs are open source. You can edit and submit a pull request :slight_smile: