Keyfob ABP

(Cedric Soubry) #1

bought a Lora Keyfob that has a fixed 4 byte DevAddr:
It uses the demo default nwkskey and appskey – I know – but the only purpose is to test how far the gateway would work.
I’ve managed to register the device as an ABP via the web gui and changed the DevAddr with the command ttnctl devices register personalized mykey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C
Still no data is flowing.

At the gateway, the data is flowing:

“gw_id”: “theid”,
“payload”: “thepayload”,
“f_cnt”: 34,
“lora”: {
“spreading_factor”: 12,
“bandwidth”: 125,
“air_time”: 1155072000
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“timestamp”: “2017-12-02T19:01:59.272Z”,

What could be the problem?

(Arjan) #2

Searching for its name or that key will get you to this post:

In short: you should ask the manufacturer how to configure different DevAddr and keys in the device.

(Verkehrsrot) #3

I have the same keyfob from ideetron. You can’t use it on TTN, because it has a fixed non-TTN Dev Addr (i.e. not starting with 00 / 01 / 26 / 27).

That means that TTN does not route data from the keyfob, it is dropped. So you don’t see any data in your application.

I you have access to a gateway in range of the keyfob, you can see the raw payload and DevAddr of the keyfob in the TTN console of the gateway.

(Arjan) #4

@Ideetron, can it be reprogrammed after purchasing it?

(Cedric Soubry) #5

Thank you for the reply; it’s on the mentioned post that I’ve found the instructions to register the device on TTN with the correct DevAddr

(Arjan) #6

What are the first two characters of the DevAddr?

(Cedric Soubry) #7

I can see the keyfob in the log of my Lorank gateway and also on the TTN gateway data log.

(Cedric Soubry) #8

The first are 19

(Arjan) #9

So, there is your problem, like your can read above and in the links.

(Cedric Soubry) #10

ok, thank you.
any experience with a keyfob that would work on TTN?


Please enter a device on TTN, give us the codes and we reprogram the device for you.
We can send a new keyfob on Monday.

(Cedric Soubry) #12

What codes do you need?

(Arjan) #13

Getting it known on TTN won’t fix all your problems…

But I guess one is not going to press the buttons all day long.

(Verkehrsrot) #14

I want to reprogram my keyfob, too.
What shall i do, send it in?
What keys do you need?


Please send the device to:

Ideetron b.v.
Dorpsstraat 81
The Netherlands.

We need the NwkSKey, the AppSKey and the DevAddr.


@Ideetron is there no mechanism for users to do this? E.g. even via a JTAG cable. I could be interested in this also, but not if you have to send it off to the manufacturer to change basic settings.


We can send you the HEX file with new codes. We can’t disclose the source.


So if you go out of business your customers end up with devices that can no longer be configured? Not providing source is one thing, but not allowing user configuration is quite another.


LOL… really ?

(Thomas Graf) #20

Where is security if you’re unable to change the keys by yourself?