Lack of gateway, how to test a sensor node?

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Hi all,

I built my first TTN node according to this:

My main issue is that where I live there is no gateway present. In your experience, what is the best way to test my new node in this situation? I think I will need to either buy a gateway, build my own, or travel to the nearest gateway. I would avoid building one due to time constraints on this project!

Could you guys give me any tips? What are the current cheapest gateways out there?

Kind regards,

Hashim Shamsi


I had the same problem and I started by traveling to the nearest gateway.

After that I developed a single channel gateway that I use to develop and test my nodes. It is cheap and can do uplinks, downlinks and OTAA.

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Ah sounds great! Unfortunately I get a 404 not found on that link? I read somewhere that The Things Network does not support single channel gateways either. Is this not the case then? Or did you test in ways other than TTN?


I have no idea where you live exactly, but perhaps there’s a TTN meetup near you?
For example:

People at a TTN meetup can usually help you to check your software settings etc, and there might even be someone that can bring their gateway with them if you ask nicely.