Leiden, The Netherlands

(Jorge Liauw) #1

Hi all!

I saw that there is currently no The Things Network community for the city of Leiden, The Netherlands!
And I think that every great city deserves an every greater LoRa network.

I've grown up in Leiden and would love to startup a Community for this city. But since I cannot do this by myself; I am looking for volunteers who want to startup the community together with me; promote and build the network.

Let's create some great solutions and network coverage for the city of Leiden! Please let me know if you want to join or know people who might want to help :smiley:



Hi Jorge,

Live close to Leiden (8km) and am setting up a network in Noordwijk. Should be operational within four weeks.
Maybe we can hook up?



(Jorge Liauw) #3

Hi Ewoud,

A nice place Noordwijk and close to Leiden. Sounds great; always a good idea to bundle our efforts!
What kind of node are you setting up in Noordwijk?

Please let me know if you also know other people how might wanna join!



Hi Jorge,

Setting up a diy gateway with multi tech and raspberry. Ordered last week so will take some time to get here. Working on some nodes now (ttn uno and x1276 modules).


(Jorge Liauw) #5

That sounds awesome! Do you perhaps wrote a howto? I think more people would be interested in building a DIY gateway with the Multi Tech and a Raspberry.

Lucky you! How did you manage to get an TTN Uno already!?
I've pledged the Kickstarter project for the All-in-one pack (Gateway, Uno and The Things Node). Now I'm playing the waiting game :wink:




Mirakonte wrote a howto on github for this https://github.com/mirakonta/lora_gateway/wiki. Will be following that. Have the uno from the beta program. Works but no gateways where i live so hard to test.


(Marten) #7

hi at the MakerSpace in Leiden is an interest group for IoT and also LoraWan, we had "first packet" thought an open gateway last week. We "ll be happy to make LoraWan work in Leiden and surroundings. cheers Marten



I live in Leiden and would be happy to help to get Leiden Live.
Togeteher with a few guys we have got Utrecht live 2 weeks ago

Zullen we een community meeting of Hackaton in Leiden organiseren om elkaar te leren kennen?
Voor Leiden en omgeving (inclusief Noordwijk natuurlijk) zou ik zeggen.
Ik ben ook druk (met anderen) om een on-line fiets te realiseren.



I live in Leiden centre, looking forward to contribute !

Is there already a date set for a first gettogether ?

(Jorge Liauw) #10

Thank you all for the respons! It would be really nice to meet you all and to get to know each other.
I've also got replies on Social Media. I want to invite them to the forum and shortly set up a Community meeting in Leiden.

Who has an idea for a location? :smiley:

The 30th I'll also be joining the MeetUp of the Community Utrecht; I'll be looking for additional experience that we can use for the Community of Leiden!


Hey Jorge,

@Marten seems to be from makerspace in Leiden. Maybe we can setup a meeting there. At what time is the meetup in Utrecht Monday? Work in Utrecht so might be able to go also.



(Marten) #12

Monday 7 th there is a MakerMeet from 20:00 - 22:00, I be happy to see you then and If an special meeting is needed, we could plan so accordingly.. :smile: cheers Marten

(Marten) #13

pls check http://www.meetup.com/MakerSpaceLeiden/events/227015232/


Hi Marten,

Great! Will be there the 7th. Is it above the recycling store?



(Jorge Liauw) #15

Ai Ewoud. Sorry for my late reply. Meeting was yesterday.
I think it would be great to meet up at Makers Space in Leiden.

(Jorge Liauw) #16

Great idea Marten! I will try to join at the MakerMeet :smiley:


I will also drop by coming Monday.

(Ewald) #18

I ordered a gateway from the Kickstarter offer to set up LoraWan in the village i live (Noordwijkerhout). I can't make it this monday evening. but if you have plans to extend the Leiden initiative to the region i wouldn't mind to get involved.
A mate of me lives in Voorschoten and has also ordered a gateway. Hopefully the gw's can be delivered ahead of schedule because we are all dying to get going :wink:

My goal is to monitor some beehives we have about 1 km from my home, i would like to see temperature and humidity and ultimately measure the weight of the beehives. The weight could give me an indication of growth/decline of the population, amount of honey in the hive and swarming.



Beautiful use case!


Indeed a very nice use case. Plans are to have my gateway in Noordwijk running in the next two weeks. Waiting for one final component. Think this could easily reach Noordwijkerhout since i can see it from my window. Will let you know when its running.