Leiden, The Netherlands


Hi I'm living in Voorschoten. I ordered a gateway from kickstarter. Happy to contribute to the Lora Network of Leiden region.

(niels) #22

Hi Guys... I'm waiting for a LORANK-8 gateway to arrive around next week, (based on IMST+beaglebone) as soon as it arrives a gateway will be up and running on TTN in leiden as quick as possible :smile: it will be located about 100 metres from central station Leiden. hopefully it will reach noordwijk :blush:


Hi Guys, I live in the centre of Leiden and was at the meetup yesterday.
Have some LoraBees (mDot modules) from Sodaq and some spare Arduino hardware. Also have a few LoRa nodes with sensors. Want to mess around and connect to the things network for a pet project.

It would be great to participate.
In the past i have had contact with IT/Innovation related people at the town hall/EZ and would like to lobby for access to high locations (town hall, Pieterskerk, RoC) etc. So if anyone has a gateway but nowhere to put it let me know.

Cheers, Robin

(hugo meiland) #24

Hi all,

thanks for all attending the meetup yesterday; was a great evening... first gateway is up and connected at ttn; please let me know if it works for you (no node around for myself...)
you can find status at ttnstatus.org, gateway 0203090000000001



Hi Hugo,
Have battery powered and arduino nodes connected to a private LoRa network. Will try to get them on TTN this week.
According to the ttnstatus.org the gateway is somewhere around Papegracht / Langebrug so i will try a spot near there first. I'll let you know how i get on.

Cheers, Robin

(Jorge Liauw) #26

Really great to see all the energy and initiatives for the community of Leiden :smiley:

Who of you guys is going to the MakerSpace Openlab on Monday?

(Jorge Liauw) #27

Awesome job Hugo! Do you already have some nodes connecting to your gateway?

(Jorge Liauw) #28

Awesome Niels, great location for your gateway! Keep us up to date :smiley:

Let try to reach up all the way to Noordwijk!


Hi All,

Got my gateway @Noordwijk running today id 008000000000A46D. Will be setting it up outside soon. Very curious about the range it will get on my nodes
Would be great to exchange ideas on the setup and use cases.



(hugo meiland) #30

hard to see, but my own sodaq just came in today....

(hugo meiland) #31

yep: sodaq working (doc's are a "challenge..." for the em1272), but a working node now as well; yesterday also managed to get the gateway at the makerspace working, so 2 Leiden gateways and counting :wink:


(Pieter) #32

Am in Sassenheim (workplace), got a node from the KPN LoRa workshop.
Contains a SODAQ Autonomo and SODAQ LoRabee RN2483 with a temp/hum sensor.
Works on the KPN network, but i dont know how to set the code up for TTN.
Should be at around 4-5km range.
Any help world be great because i dont know anything about Arduino.


Hi Piet,

Your unit should be the same as my TTN uno. Arduino and a RN2483. If you have setup your arduino IDE and have a working sketch for KPN i think you should only need to change the network and apps keys.

network key: mac set nwkskey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C\r\n
apps key: mac set appskey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C\r\n

Above lines should be in the sketch somewhere for the KPN network (with different keys off course;)

My setup is still inside the house so if it'll reach Sassenheim i don't know.

(Marten) #34

I got packets through this gateway 008000000000A887 in Leiden. While the coordinates suggest it's based in Utrecht. Who is owning it, and where is its location? thanks Marten

(Marten) #35

These gateway's up and running 020309000000001 (hugo) and 0203090000000002 (marten),

We are working on outdoor casings, if that works I 'll try to get some documentation and pictures on the wiki. Also, there are MakerMeets and OpenFabLab where LoraWan people are welcome. The 0002 gateway is running at the MakerSpace so you can test you nodes then (if you don't have a gateway your self) .

(niels) #36

I am also in Leiden.. and still waiting for my own gateway to arrive) :frowning:

I also got my first ttn packet delivered through that 008000000000A887 gateway (my node: 02030901)

so you are definitely right.. there is a gateway up in leiden with that address......

but who's the owner? :wink:

(Paul Dekkers) #37

It's me! I took the gateway from the office in Utrecht (and thought I would maybe take it back and forth) but I'll leave it for now (definitely if it's being used) and changed the coordinates :smile:

(Marten) #38

Thanks @pade

fyi Hugo's first pictures of the outdoor setup:



Looks sturdy, but will the the MultiTech card not get too hot in an enclosure without ventilation?


Did some 'wardriving' tonight and got quite some reach on my gateway. All of Noordwijk is in reach from inside the car and from outside of the car made it from Noordwijkerhout, Voorhout and Katwijk. Think Mcard does need some cooling. Gets very hot.

MTAC-LORA-868 running very hot