Leiden, The Netherlands

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there of couple of ways to find out :). Hugo and I discussed to add some temperature monitoring from
pi's cpu.

something like:
* MQ=mqtt.server
* H='hostname'
* T='cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp'
* mosquitto_pub -h $MQ -t mygateway/tmp -m "$H $T"

:: replace 's for backticks

or maybe better to send by a loragateway package ....

We are also considering to add a heatsink, but first off all, let's if there is a problem...

(hugo meiland) #42

btw, last night i created a very rough coverage map for the TTN:

have fun!


Hi Hugo,

Nice, you know about this one: http://ttn.lpwan.uk/ ?
It seems the coverage circles don't scale when zooming in or out?


Don't think these coverage circles are very informative/realistic. I would rather see the exact locations than cities covered in blue. On the basis of these locations I could make my own guestimates of coverage. So I am happy with the way they represent it now without scaling. Would like to see that on the TTN city pages too


Agree, but then we shouldn't call it "coverage map" :wink:

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for some through hole testing a made a script to run a package generator for microchip technology mote:

it posts every 60 second.....

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@pade great, i've used it for testing... one of my mote sends data every 60 seconds.

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I see! Curious what happened after 17:00, as the signal got worse after that :wink:

I see your node picks SF12, also happens to me all the time with the Microchip. But I've used SF10 from Beestenmarkt (with a fixed SF) so that should work for you too. (FWIW: I'm also listening on the 867 frequencies, so you could add those.)
Nice to see the gateway being used!

(Marten) #49

@pade B827EBFFFF64EEA3 => second gateway ?

I have prepped my gateway for outdoor usage, the pi's cpu temp can be follow here
mosquitto_sub -h loraleiden.nl -t gateway/0203090000000002/cpu_temp

It's running is pvc tube, if stats are fine tomorrow I put it on the roof...

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@Marten yes, that's another gateway I'm testing with: it's mobile (battery powered) and trying to find the best spot in the house (using your sensor for RSSI/SNR :wink:).

I've captured some packets from your mote at the makerspace I think? (the -AB) Was surprised by that. Very curious about the range of your gateway once it's outdoors. I'm not that worried about the (CPU) temperature in the "winter" - my gateway is in front of the window and that probably won't work well in the summer :frowning:

With your -AA mote we can do some statistics on how many packets are lost (I've got the sequence numbers). A sensor at home also lost some.

Your gateway now has a "made up" EUI, right? Wouldn't it be better if it was the EUI-64 "from the sticker", or a MAC-48/EUI-48 converted (if your MTAC didn't have that sticker :wink:)?

(Marten) #51

@pade thanks using my mote :smile: the AA in high building close to your house. The AB in the makerspace, but it might take for a walk every now and then :smile: . Yesterday a made the outdoor enclosure voor the 0002 gateway. It runned fine over the night. and this morning I placed in on the roof of the makerspace. I will write a wiki page about it. If your house has a flat roof, and easy acces to it I could help to make you gateways outdoor proof. Actually @hugo this the software config of the nodes, so honestly .. i don't know. This afternoon there is an OpenFabLab at the space (17:00-22:00) maybe we can meet :smile:

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(niels) #53

guys.. 2 gateways up & running close to central station (very close together though.. like 1m apart :smile: )

will be installed outside later

AA555A0008060760 (kerilink)
1DEE091A321845BF (lorank8)

(Paul Dekkers) #54

@niels awesome! With the window open my packets reach your Lorank8 :wink:

I can find (other) packets being received by your gateways, but the Kerlink never sends a stat update, and the Lorank8 only did a few times! I wonder if that's normal behavior for these gateways. At least it makes the Kerlink not show up maps (yet), and the Lorank8 to be "offline".

So I think this means we have 5 gateways in Leiden (in 4 distinct places). (I'm not counting that B827EBFFFF64EEA3 of mine as 6th.)

(niels) #55

correct, I'm still in testing stage:
- the kerlink needs an updated firmware to send statuspackages (will do tomorrow)
- the lorank8 went down this afternoon (accidently pulled the ethernet plug :smile:

will fix both tomorrow.. and one of the two gateways will eventually find a nice new location (not sure if that will be in leiden though)


hi Marten
thanks for sharing your thingiverse
- how do you inject PoE into the cable?
- do you have holes (a hat) in the top for ventilation?


So, finally got round to getting my node up and running on TTN, only to find that API is now broken. Anybody know where to flag this?


Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "error": "Cannot connect to database!"


@Robin did you check the latest messages on the forum? https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/forum/t/rest-api-get-your-node-data/102/40


The API is up again now!

At first no joy, but just hooked up a big antenna to my node; that helped!

Now getting some data through from the Schelpenkade to gateway 0203090000000002. So that's about 1 km away from the Papengracht.

Hanging the antenna out of my attic window gives best results, but indoor i'm also seeing data on the network.
Typical transmission time to send a message:
- Outdoor 5-10 seconds.
- Indoor 20-30 seconds.

I'll try at different locations in Leiden over the next few weeks.


No ACK implemented in the TTN yet as far as i read, so its sort of "fire and fingers crossed" at the moment.
I have seen the dBm values that correspond to received messages on the Kerlink gateways. That is really useful for people developing nodes.

Does anyone have dBm info on their gateway? The API does not expose it.