Leiden, The Netherlands


dBm info is forwarded with each packet to TTN, so it's a matter of adding it server side.


So today on my way to the supermarket (open on Christmas day!) i drove an extra few km to check coverage
In my car:
* Doezastraat: YES
* Witte Singel, in front of the Astronomy building (Sterrenwacht): YES
* Beestenmarkt: YES
* Steenstraat / Station: YES
* Langegracht: Partial, problems around intersection Pelicaanstraat.
* Hooigracht: NO
* Herenstraat: NO
* Lammenschansweg: NO

There are better ways to map coverage, but at least this gives an idea of coverage in Leiden at the moment.

My conclusion is that we have outside coverage for most of the commercial shopping area with a lot of potential blindspots.
It would help if some of the gateways are high up, as in my attic (near Schelpenkade) i have coverage on one side of the building but not on the other, and even outside i have no coverage on ground level.

(Dennis) #63

Hi Ewoud,

I live also in Noordwijk, how do u guys communicate?facebook? e-mail? I would like to contribute. :smile:

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next LoraWan meetup at MakerSpace Leiden. There's running ten gateway on site....

LoraWan and more

Monday, Jan 25, 2016, 7:00 PM

MakerSpace Leiden
Volmolengracht 13 Leiden, NL

1 Makers Attending

LoraWan meetup / interest group.. bring your gear....

Check out this Meetup →


Hi Denniz,

Communication is mostly done in this topic. We have met with a group at the makerspace in Leiden (see meetup of Marten). Will probably attend the meeting. Maybe see you there.



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@denniz There is also a leiden (region) lora low traffic mailing list.. http://mailman.makerspaceleiden.nl/mailman/listinfo/lora


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@ursm there are no hole, just the pipe is way longer than the antenna.
I used a standard passive (not 803.af compliant) injector. I bought a couple of them
at aliexpres and http://www.pcengines.ch/poe1a2.htm. Keep in mind the step-down converter...

cheers Marten

Measuring coverage gateway
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Hi, I think we're doing quite well in Leiden, with (high) spots that already see 7 gateways :wink: (and I know there are more to come)

All this in little over a month.
(I never got further than 9.93 km BTW, so that's my distance record.)


Finally got my 'Duino and lorabee and solarpanel packages delivered... hope it´s not too ambious for my first project :smile:

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just a reminder .... meetup tonight http://www.meetup.com/MakerSpaceLeiden/events/227739836/

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Why do you use ADR?, LoRaWAN specification reads:

17 Mobile end-devices should use their fixed default data rate as data rate management is not
18 practical when the moving end-device causes fast changes in the radio environment.

Wouldn't it be better than to fix the spread factor?


Don't know if this topic is still active. I went to the iot techday in Utrecht last week and i got really excited about iot.

I do not see any network coverage in Sassenheim (where i live) so maybe i can start there ? :smile:

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On the 26th of January we've planned the first meetup of The Key Network (TTN community for the city of Leiden).
The meetup will take place at TransIP office.

For more information and RSVP please check the following URL: