LHT65 AT command

Good morning all,
I am trying to setup LHT65 nodes with AT command.
Read the manual 10 times, checked the wiring, trying to input the password, without success.
I am using Serial port Utility program with a SH-U09C5-Converter setted a 3.3V.
With the same setup for LSN50V2 I have no problem.
Any video or step by step explanation or obvios things I am missing?
Thank in advance

This is what I use.Connections as follows.
Red wire to Vcc 3.3V
Black wire to Gnd
White to TxD
Green to RxD
I Use PuTTy for my terminal program. Select Serial.
Set Serial line to the com port detected by your computer. Mine is COM12
Set speed to 9600
Type 123456 Enter
LHT65 will reply with “Correct Password”

If this doesn’t work try swapping the White and Green wires.
Follow the AT commands in the manual.
Good luck!

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Hi @Ninox_strenua
i did it nearly the same way without any problems BUT without connecting the VCC to the red wire of the Dragino-Cable … black is GND, green is RXD and white is TXD … for Programming i used the Adafruit FTDI Friend! … Software was also PuTTy ----her is to mention that i had the problem from time to time that the Password was not recognized … but after some attemps it was realized and than programming was fine …

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