Limitations: data rate, packet size, 30 seconds uplink and 10 messages downlink per day Fair Access Policy

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thanks. So that means as of now there is no efficient way to manage upgrades. Is there a timeline?


I see a pattern emerging from ALL your questions… can you make your point right away ?

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i think there is no special pattern other than being interested in knowing how nodes updates happen on fleet of devices when using LoRa and TTN.


sure … thanks a lot, very informative. :wink:

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Hi Everyone,
Great to be a part of this wonderful group and people and iam getting to see many things in this group with like minded around. I am a Project Manager working for an LoRa based solution deployment for one of my projects.
I have some queries and hereby requesting for your valuable suggestions.

We are setting up lora network in India with Frequency band and following are facts below:

  1. The setup is arranged such that base station/gateway would support 5000 devices over a 9km range.
    (Here we are planning for one base station fixed with clear LoS. I assume that LoS is crucial aspect for considering number of base station for 5000 end devices. Please suggest?)

  2. Nodes are class A devices with 12 uplink messages/device/day (10 bytes per uplink msg) and 1 download message/device/day.
    (Here i have a couple of doubts,

  • if my consideration of 1 Downlink msg/device/day is valid, then also I hear that for class A for every uplink message there is a downlink ACKs required. So is my consideration for downlink messages number right for my 13 uplink msgs/device/day? Please suggest.
  • Is TTN fair access policy limits and duty cycle dependent of region/frequency band?)
  1. I understand that in LoRa there is no such solution for FOTA for all devices at once.
    (Here i have a doubt if individual firmware upgrading is viable for these 5000 number of devices or any such alternate approaches proven. Also if anyone in their previous experiences have performed FOTA under their LoRa setup, then for what all aspects is firmware upgrading done?)

Looking for your suggestions.

Thank you.


I suggest you have a look at the LoRaWAN specifications

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Thank you for sharing.
I have gone through it, even though looking for more specific especially on my Point 2 query as mentioned
in above comment.

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You should check this information better… ACK isn’t required in any sutuation. Specially for this huge number (5k/gw) you should consider no ACK at all, in order to have a chance of getting this network working.
What the docs said is for class A devices, after every uplink there is a receiving window opening, so if there is an ACK or any downlink messages to be sent, it must be sent during that window.

Sure, LoS is crucial aspect but not the only one. LoS can guarantee a large coverage distance, and also enables you to use better data rate. You can communicate with 5000 devices on a single gateway having LoS but, without any orchestration, it would probalby occur A LOT of collision and consequently packet loss. I don’t have enought background to support my oppinion, by I believe that you won’t be able to send 12 messages/device/day. Sounds way too much data…

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how do you think to solve point 3? i am interested. thanks.

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Interesting. Thanks alot @mjunior for your suggestion.

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As of now, no firm understanding on that though.
Need more research on finalising an approach i guess