Location for gateway on 40m rooftop available in Zaanstad/Zaandam, the Netherlands

(Zaanstad) #1

I have a location available near Amsterdam. In the city of Zaanstad/Zaandam.
I can have the gateway placed inside or on the roof.
The antenna can be placed on the roof as well. The height is around 40 meters, with free view 360 degrees.

I already have several antennas on the location:

Any LoRa antenna can be placed right under the ADS-B antenna.

If anyone wants to place a gateway on this location let me know. Dutch or English.

(Petzl) #2

See PM



(Laurens Slats) #3

@Zaanstad did you find anyone who was interested in making use of the location?

(Sven) #4

@Zaanstad, I live in Koog aan de Zaan and I have a Kerlink (1st gen) available for placement. Is the spot still available? :slight_smile:

(Zaanstad) #5

The spot is no longer available. Thanks.