Locked myself out - unable to edit/delete my gateway

I looked myself out, from editing my gateway, and to delete ist, by disable all rights from the owner of the gateway. How can i delete the gateway?

Message i get, wenn i klick on the gateway line:


Insufficient rights for gateway eui-b827ebffff24093b@ttn

I just restored your rights on your gateway.

We have an open issue on GitHub somewhere about making it more difficult to shoot yourself in the foot like this.

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Thank you very much! I deleted the wrong gateway right away.


Also, i also encounter this issue,can you do me a favour to restore or delete it, thank you
Insufficient rights for gateway gateway-esp32@ttn

I also encouter this issue, can you please restore my rights?
Insufficient rights for gateway `retestgtw@ttn
Thank you.

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Hopefully this brand new warning will make future users think twice before revoking their own rights to their gateways:

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 09.59.24

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Funny guy, you don’t hang out here much do you!

I’m sure many will think twice and still shoot themselves in the foot, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Except they don’t read it, shoot themselves in the foot and then come on here and ask how to fix it.

Search for topics on v2 gateway deletions - only when pushed does the OP admit to having clicked on the dire warning in the console. And even then it’s “not their fault” and expect someone here to dip in to the database to fix the problem.

I’ll look again at the flow as I’m not sure how the user or you or the database distinguishes between the owner of an object and the other collaborators. But if there is only one collaborator entry for a gateway that must be the owner and perhaps not allowing any edit of rights would be appropriate.

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