LoPy: micro-python LoRaWAN nano gateway board with WiFi/BLE


The LoPy Kickstarter campaign will launch tomorrow. Basically this board can be configured as a Node or as a "nano" Gateway supporting up to 100 Nodes itself. Runs micro-python, combines LoRa with Wifi and Bluetooth in the one package and is from the same stable that created the WiPy. Its incredibly cheap at only €48 with an antenna.

You can preview the campaign here (I am not affiliated):
LoPy Kickstarter preview link

The LoPy on The Things Network

Seems, Great!


Nice project, just keep in mind the nano gateway is not LoRaWAN compliant, just like the single channel gateway based on RPi is not compliant.

Also a node range of up to 40 km is very optimistic.

Class C support is nice. :smile:


Fantastic video guys, well done :smile:
...any chance you could squeeze in an NFC reader?


Interesting but no LoraWan on board?

I also think this is a bold statement if you talk about range. With good antenna's and the RN2483 chip we had 3 km. range in non urban areas.


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Its on. Back it for early starters.


The LoPy Kickstarter campaign is now live:
LoPy on Kickstarter


Indeed, and twinkits are going fast (got one :smile: )


Just to be clear, this can be used out of the box with TTN?

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In theory, yes. They claim they'll pass the LoRaWAN certification program




Nice board. Would have liked a Nordic or STM based Cortex M but this is way better than the silly AVR and PIC based stuff that is out there, so I backed the KS.


Today received my LoPy Twinkit Kickstarter reward :yum:

Tried to use it on TTN using the LoRaWAN example on the pycom site but it didn't work out yet. Of course I adapted the AppKey, AppEUI, DevEUI (MSB)

The staging backend shows that the device was activated, so I guess a Join Request was received. However it stays put while waiting for the join reply on the node.

while not lora.has_joined():

I did update to the latest firmware version:

(sysname='LoPy', nodename='LoPy', release='0.9.0.b2', version='f5444c7 on 2016-10-12', machine='LoPy with ESP32')

Anyone having success with their brand new LoPy?


Hi, been testing my LoPys with the same approach as you but with a locally deployed TTN backend. Same issue arose, join was accepted but the LoPy itself would not complete the join. I alerted the Pycom team on Friday and they are working on identifying the issue with TTN and fixing it... will let you know as soon as I hear. We run Kerlink gateways with the simple packet forwarder.


LoPy is aware of the join issue and we're working with them to find out what the issue. Once resolved and further documented, we'll publish a guide on using LoPy with TTN.


Thx @jmgurgeh, @fokkezb.

How about using ABP?
If we know the format for the auth tuple for activation=LoRa.ABP we can try that .
As ABP is a lot simpler because as no downlink messages are involved, maybe that works already?

As I want to use a LoPy for tracking / coverage measurements I prefer to use ABP anyhow.


@Batilan ABP has just been enabled in the latest LoPy firmware update issued last night.
I won't have chance to test this myself till Monday, but if you do before then, could you post how you get on?


And I see @kruisdraad has posted a working example on this forum and on the pycom forum :smile:
Well sort of working....

Remember to update to the latest firmware version.

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Does Lopy Work ok? I've considered buying them, but I keep coming across posts regarding bugs and weak firmware support. What's the deal?