Lora Based network for logistics

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Hello everyone,

                    I am completely new to this technology so i would need your kind patience. My project is to design a wireless network of intelligent nodes that are to be used in logistics, something like pick by light technique for warehouses and logistics. My question is  can i use LORA or LORAWAN for this network.

Use Case is as follow:-

User application will push quantities(to be picked) to individual nodes through Gateway.Upon receiving message from gateway an LED will blink on the NODE. When order is picked and detected (IR or anyother sensor attached to NODE) from the Node, it will notify the gateway by uplink transmission.
It involves frequent bidirectional communication and i know there is a limitation about On air transmission time for each device.

I was thinking about LORA because of its long range and low power consumption.

What would you suggest if LORA is not a favorable solution to create wireless network.
Thanks a lot

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For your use case, your better with meshed networks (maybe with multiple Base Stations). Something like 802.15.4/802.15.4E, 802.11h (acho) -> RPL or Zigbee.

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