LoRa FeatherWing Development Breakout



I just saw a new breakout board for LoRa on the Adafruit blog: https://blog.adafruit.com/2016/03/03/lora-featherwing-development-breakout/

EDIT: here’s a direct link to the original article -> http://syncchannel.blogspot.nl/2016/02/lora-featherwing-development-breakout.html



just waiting for some smd caps :wink:


and the adafruit version arrived !

(Dan Watson) #3


It’s nice to see people using my boards! Maybe the Dev Breakout will still be useful for ultimate flexibility in pinout, even after the official Adafruit products launch.

Dan W


hope you (or adafruit) can do something with my RN2483 suggestion :wink:
nice to see you here Dan.

( I’m a big fan for years)

( and what about a library with sleep and wake up instructions, so The RN2483 can wake up (uart) the ‘arduino’ or vice versa :heart_eyes: )

(Dan Watson) #5

Width is a potential problem on that module. It will nearly touch the header pins, but it should still fit.

For the RN2903 I can use a single SMA connector on one end just like the RFM boards. For the RN2483, I’d have to use two u.FL connectors, or extend the board out to fit two SMAs on there for the dual bands. Which sounds better?

Also, does anyone actually use all of the GPIO pins on these modules? I might be able to bring some of them out, but definitely not all.


  • one ufl or one SMA on the 868 Mhz output is ok for the EU
  • you don’t need all the feather GPIO pins if you just want to trigger an alarm or measure a temp
    minimal connections would be Rx Tx 3v Gnd to the RN2483… and a few free lines for the sensors
  • a fancy board would have opposite the SMA connector an ICSP angled header (to test0 / test1) for updating the firmware
  • more GPIO from the RN2483 ? … maybe a few lines, I never used them sofar (only for a status led)
  • I don’t have a problem when the RN feather board is a bit wider on both sides if the mounting/header holes are still corresponding :innocent:

(Dan Watson) #7

This is what an RN2903/RN2483 FeatherWing would like like. In the render it looks like the pins on the module touch the headers. They don’t, but they are very close. I would have to make sure this can even be hand soldered, as I had to make the pads narrower than recommended.

I sent a single GPIO pin from the module (GPIO10) to an LED on the front edge of the board. Unless there’s a compelling argument for needing more, I’ll leave the rest unconnected to make life easier.

I could also make an alternate version of this board with two u.FL connectors for using both bands on the RN2483.


wow fast … have a closer look now :sunglasses:

  • nice, you can update the RN2483 firmware with a picKit 3 … just click on the flatcable direct.


A RN2903 Feather/FeatherWing would be awesome! :slight_smile:

(Dan Watson) #10

Here is what a dual band version looks like for the RN2483.

In about 2 weeks I’ll have the boards back and know if this super narrow footprint for the RN modules is going to work.



Thanks for your work and also for sharing with the community!
I’ll order a few boards for the RN2903 if your design works. :slight_smile:


I see you are routing tracks on the top copper layer underneath the RN2483. I always try to avoid this because the RN’s datasheet says: “Note: Host PCB top layer copper traces must have solder mask to avoid shorting test pins on the bottom of the module.”. But I’m sure wherever you let them manufacture will coat the PCB with a good solder mask :wink:

I made a similar board with an Arduino Nano on one side and the RN on the other. Also had the header pins of the Nano clashing with the RN. My solution was to surface mount the Nano, rather than using the normal through hole header pins.

(Dan Watson) #13

Yup, the vias are tented and OSHPark fabs do a good job with solder mask.



Has anyone done testing with an RN2903 version of this board?
Please share your experience.

(Jort) #15

Those RN2483 feather boards look really nice. Do you have them for sale?

(Terrence Spencer) #16


They are out of stock, for at least a month now. Anybody knows about expected delivery times about them?

(Jort) #18

I meant the Feather RN2483 board with integrated LoRaWAN stack, are they available as PCB design or printed PCB? We are using this chip with a feather microcontroller and breakout board. But a shield/wing would be much better.

(Terrence Spencer) #19

I ask them when they thought they might be back in stock and they said “they didn’t know”.


(Terrence Spencer) #20

These are back in stock now.