LoRa Node with OTAA - works fine with TTN but problem with LoRaServer


Has anyone such similar experience? My OTAA node works perfectly fine with TTN - joinRequest/acceptRequest/Uplink/DownLink when first powered on, followed by uplinks every 30 sec (this is only in test mode, it would be transmitting every 5min in actual run). But when I use it with LoRaServer, the activation goes fine, but then the node stops transmitting - the node has ADR=true, but it seems always transmitting with dr = 4/5 with TTN.

But when using with LoRaServer, I see the following after activation: “ADR Request” is sent to the node to set DR >> req_dr=6. And then node stops responding. Does that mean my node able to handle dr=6?

Any help will be very much appreciated


I think this question should be asked at the LoRaServer forum, not the TTN forum. BTW, if you do, make sure to include information on the frequency plan you are using. It might help those trying to respond to your question.

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