LoRa Nodes Unable to recover after Link_Dead

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I have a LoRa setup with two remote nodes (Atmega328 + RFM95) using Arduino LMIC. One node is configured to use ABP while the other is on OTAA. Both connect through two Single Channel gateways, one on 868.1Mhz and the other on 868.3Mhz.

I notice that if for any reason the gateways are off, the nodes detect a dead link, report link_dead and try to rejoin and then fail. If the gateways come back on the nodes do not reconnect.

In a live deployment, this is not acceptable. I need the nodes to reconnect whenever a gateway is present. I would have assumed that such functionality is built into the Arduino-LMIC library.

Can anyone confirm if this is the normal operation and if there is a way to ensure nodes reconnect after an outage.

I want to deploy the nodes in remote areas that may become unreachable after installation so it is imperative that nodes are able to reconnect automatically.


Perhaps try with a proper gateway if you want to use all the features. Using a single channel gateway for anything other than basic comms is a waste of time.

I’ve got nodes that re-join when gateways have been down for a couple of hours. These use the link check packets and have been working well in a number of areas for some time now.


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Is the Arduino LMIC library still supported by IBM ?

(Arinze Izukanne) #4

Thanks @andrewl. Will check that out.
I would still like to know what goes on in the background.